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Inuyasha: Yura by Rui-1412 Inuyasha: Yura by Rui-1412
[Deceased Characters Series Character #5]


Of course, after Hiten, I have to post Yura after him. Or else, I'll disgrace myself as being a Hiten x Yura fan! :lol:

Well, anyway, about Yura. I admit I wasn't pretty much of a fan of her in the beginning. I only saw her as some cool woman youkai(demon) who can actually kick ass but she didn't leave much of an impression. I only started to like her after reading some fanfic (yes, most of my fangirlism comes from reading fanfics :p) centuring the Inuyasha girls and Yura just so happens to play an awesome role in it! And after rewatching the episode she appeared in again, I completely fell in love with her! It's also unusual since I'm not really fond of female characters with short hairs (I love long hairs). But I guess that didn't bother me once I became a fan of her. Now, as some who have noticed, I like giving pretty Yura blue eyes instead of her original pink-ish one. Well, one reason is because of my obsessness with blue eyes (especially with black hair ;) ) and the other one is because I wanted to make it opposite of Hiten's eye color (which I always choose red), and me is too close to red so I thought it'd be a bit boring. So for those who are wondering why I always seem to give Yura blue eyes, that's the reason. Oh, but I gave her her original pink-ish eye color for this one. Just for some people who got tired of seeing her with blue eyes. But I'm telling you, I'm still going to do it. ^ ^

It was a bit disappointment though that the artwork of the anime of the episode she made her appearances in was kind of...sucky. I mean, I expected it to be more clean and...prettier. Like that "Tessaiga (Inuyasha) vs. Tenseiga (Sesshoumaru)" episode (which I think it was episode 32), boy that artwork in that episode was pure amazing! I loved that episode. ...Anyway, going a bit off-topic but yeah, if the artwork was as clean and pretty as that episode, then I would've paid more attention to her, and she would've probably been my first favorite youkai(demon) character.

Well, anyway, it still doesn't change the fact that I am now a fan of her, does it? Yes, I like Yura when she is on her mischievious, little-devilish, playful side but since she is still a helpless (well, not really), frail, delicate woman, I sometimes like to make her weak and cry. Teehee. :giggle: Yes, call me evil or a sadist but I won't stop doing it. :P Which is why, and again, I come to the conclusion of supporting Hiten x Yura! :#1:

Yep, call me a hopeless fan or unrealistic but I just can't help loving this coupling. >///<

I also gave her a shade of blue in her black hair because...come on! Do we (or actually, I) need another black hair character? You're making me use all of my black ink marker here! :shakefist: I don't have anything against black hairs, in fact, I have black hairs myself, but I tend to see it a bit...plain and boring. I would love to see a bit of color in those black, here. It could be a shade of blue,, just anything other than just plain, midnight black.
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Gero50 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2016
I love the glow effects you used. especially on her hair.
FatalLover Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2006
Very good pic :):)
witchygoddess10 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2006
I love the pinkish colored eyes on Yura; so expressive ! :winner:

Very sexy Yura! :clap:
PaolaPieretti Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
Yaaay! *can't stop commenting*

You've finally drew her with red eyes XDD

Very nice n___n
YuraofthehairFan Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2006
*___* Yay More Yura!! I love how she is winking ;) and I love how you colord her eye it looks vary pretty! ^-^ Nice job! ^-^

Oh and I know how you fell about youing to much black marker on most of the characters hair and out fits lol XD Its insane when some of the pic are 22 IN. X 28 IN. @__@ LOL
starlightlynn30 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2006  Student General Artist
Yura looks cute in this pic. yeah agree they make a cute couple(hitenxYura)
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September 7, 2006
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